Cored Wire

Cored wire

Cored wire provides the highest recovery rate, and increases productivity in the secondary metallurgical process.

We have wire that improves core consistency which provides an accurate core to steel percentage. The ratio of core to steel provides instant, exact metallurgy when the core is melted and the impurities are then removed. It gives us a quality level that others can’t match by providing wire products that feature a perfect appearance and a reliable quality.

The choice of the steel industry

Our cored wire solution is an ideal choice for the steel industry. It comes in diameter sizes of 9,13 and 16 millimeters, however 9 and 16 millimeter wires are manufactured base on customer’s request.

Packaging dimensions

Vertical Coil Packaging Dimension

Length(m) 3400 4500
Inside Diameter(mm) 600 600
Outside Diameter(mm) 1150 1150
Height(mm) 800 1200

Horizontal Coil Packaging Dimension




Inside Diameter(mm)



Outside Diameter(mm)






*Coil packed in steel pallet with steel cage shrink-wrapped in plastic film for vertical and horizontal axis


Injection machine for Cored wire

Honsin Industry supplies the high quality cored wire and wire feeding equipment. We offer reliable, easy to maintain and user friendly operated cored wire injection machines.They come in choices of one, two and four strand models to best suite your operation requirements. The capabilities of our cored wire injection machine include but are not limited to:

  • Fits wires with diameters between 5 to 20mm
  • Suites cored wire coils that are used through horizontal or vertical axis
  • Strong and sturdy frame design made up of heavy duty components
  • Making it operational in local and remote mode
  • Comes with a comprehensive communication interface that enables easy data exchange with computers

Technical Data of injection machine :

Feeding Speed 0-420 m/min
Motor 2x9KW – two strand4x9KW – four strand
Electrical protection IP55/IP54
Power Supply AC 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPA
Weight 1300KG – two strand1900KG – four strand
Dimension L1300xW880x1400mm – two strandL1300xW880x2400mm – four strand

Optional Requirements:

To meet the demands of a wide customer base, we are able to accommodate individual requests for :

  • Remote control console
  • Extractable guide pipe
  • Electrically controlled trolley