Graphite Crucible

Honsin Industry Graphite Crucibles Solution:

The crucible is a utensil or melting tank vessels that is made of refractory material (such as clay, graphite, clay, quartz or difficult molten metal iron, etc.).

Honsin Industry is specialized in high performance Graphite Crucible, which is divided into general type of graphite crucible, special type of graphite crucible, high purity graphite crucible.

The main raw materials of Graphite crucible is natural crystalline graphite. Therefore, it maintains the original natural graphite various physical and chemical properties.

Graphite crucible has good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. Under the high temperature, our Graphite Crucibles demonstrate very low thermal expansion coefficient with rapid heating and quench with certain anti-strain properties. The Graphite Crucibles provide also excellent chemical stability and strong corrosion resistance of acid.

We provide different series of graphite crucible according to customers’ requirements.

Application sectors:

Graphite crucible, with their excellent chemical proprieties and thermal performance, are widely used in metallurgy, casting, mechanical, chemical industries.