Specialty Graphites

Graphite has the properties of electric and thermal conduction which belongs to metallic material. But also it has plasticity, thermal resistance, chemical stability and lubricating ability. These properties make Graphite material able to satisfy very demanding utilization requirements.

Honsin Group selects strictly the raw material to make the best graphite experience. Our Specialty Graphite materials have excellent resistance to thermal shock, oxidation, corrosion, and have suitable resistivity and homogenous structure. Due to their outstanding technical properties, Honsin Specialty Graphite products deal with the most demanding environments and have been used extensively in a very wide range of industry applications like:

  • High temperature furnaces
  • Metallurgical & Continuous Casting
  • EDM Graphite Electrode
  • Ceramics processing
  • Machinery & Textile
  • Solar, Chemicals and Electronics applications
  • Defense industries

Our Specialty Graphite prove their quality and increase the performance of our customers’ systems and process under different forms (but not limited to) :

  • Fine Grain Graphite
  • Rigid Felt
  • Soft Felt
  • Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Carbon (C/C)
  • If you have any special graphite need for your project, please contact us for more information

Graphite Specialty


Typical Applications

Fine Grain Graphite

Formed Cold Isostatic Pressing Technique, Honsin Fine graphite is characterized by its homogeneous structure and excellent isotropic electrical, thermal and mechanical properties.

High temperature metal, ceramics Heat-treatment furnaces

(vacuum furnaces or Inert gas furnaces)

Casting molds, casting dies

Graphite Felt

(Soft or Rigid)

Carbon and graphite felt is an insulating material manufactured by carbonization of natural and synthetic fibers with unique textile, chemical and thermal properties.

Vacuum furnaces and inert gas furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, sintering furnaces for hard metals etc…

Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Carbon (C/C)

C/C have higher strength, flexural resistance, and resistance to cracking and chipping, compared to Fine grain graphite materials. C/C has been reinforced and can be used with assurance, as the fractures do not propagate rapidly in them.

Vacuum metallurgy, new materials, heating elements, insulating, protection and furnace elements, Automotive

Graphite Foils and sheet

Flexible graphite sheet or roll is made from flake graphite with high carbon content which is gone through chemical treatment, expanding under high temperature and then rolling. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good elasticity. It is the basic material for making all kinds of reinforced graphite sheets, graphite tapes, packing and sealing gaskets

Industrial Furnace, Heat Treatment, Packaging and Gaskets for Hot Gases, Melts and Heat-carrying Oils, Electronics, Automotive

We also can develop special sizes and grades as individual solutions for the specific requirements of customers. At the same time, we have good graphite-machining capabilities and can supply precision machined parts.