EAF Refractory

Refractory products for EAF application


<!--:en-->Magnesia Carbon Brick<!--:-->

Magnesia Carbon Brick

Magnesia carbon brick formed by fused magnesite, high-purity magnesium sand and graphite through high-pressure molding and low-temperature treatment. This product is mainly used for EAF lining, presents advantages as high temperature resistance...
<!--:en-->Taphole Block<!--:-->

Taphole Block

Taphole block is molded at isostatic pressure with fused magnesia and graphite as raw material. It is characterized by strong oxidation resistance, high strength and high corrosion resistance. It is ideal material for taphole of large and medium furnaces....
<!--:en-->Ramming Mass<!--:-->

Ramming Mass

Honsin Group Ramming Mass for EAF is characterized by : high corrosion & erosion resistance against molten steel and slag good sintered Layer good service life It is a ideal EAF furnace repair maintenance and construction solution...
<!--:en-->Gunning Mix<!--:-->

Gunning Mix

Honsin Group EAF gunning mix is made by magnesia / magnesia-calcium material. It is characterized by high bonding strength, good corrosion resistance and non-spalling. When the work temperature is higher than 1000℃, it works well and the adhesion r...
<!--:en-->Delta Sections EAF<!--:-->

Delta Sections EAF

Honsin designs and supplies delta sections for EAF which is made by castables to increase the work life. We supply these delta sections in our assembly parts plant under customer’s specifications or according to our own design and provide specific d...
<!--:en-->Filling Sand<!--:-->

Filling Sand

Filling Sand is filler which is used in EAF taphole. Honsin Group designs and supplies it for EBT to molten steel flow control. Typical product characteristics tables : Brand HSCG-1 HSCG-2 Chemical composition/%,≥ ...