Cored Wire – Product Range and Specification

Taking into consideration the operation needs of steel and foundry industries, Honsin Industry not only produces common size cored wires but goes one step ahead by accepting custom made requests as one size does not always fits all.

Products Fill Rate(g/m) Applications
φ9mm φ13mm φ16mm
CaSi 225 330 Suitable in desulphurization, deoxidation and modification of inclusions
CaFe 250 365 For low Si steel, modifications of inclusions, desulphurization, deoxidation and avoids nozzle clogged when casting
CaAlFe 150 300 Similar capabilities of cafe with a further grain size improvemet
FeTi 370 570 For microalloying and deoxidation
FeB 503 825 For microalloying
C 140 205 Carbon fine adjustment, trimming addition
Mg 140 210 Used in desulphurization and modularization
MgFeSi 235 330 Used in modularization
CaSiBa 225 330 Strong deoxidation and desulphurization agent for ultra clean steel and foundry casting
Al 200 300 For deoxidation and grain size improvement
S 190 280 Utilized in the resulphurising of engineering steels
FeSi 235 280 In nodularisation
PureCa 55 This PureCa in powder form for treatment low Si-Steel, modification of inclusions, avoid nozzle clogged when casting and improvement transverse mechanical properties of the steel.