Honsin Industry

Metallurgical and Refractory Resources Supplier

Honsin Industry provides products and services for the metallurgical and high temperature industries. We focus on developing strategic partnerships that are based on mutual opportunity and growth.

Honsin’s history began in 1999 in the North of China within a region of heavy industry. This was a transitional period for this region of China, marked by large privatization programs of previously state owned industrial plants. Honsin Industry grew within a large number of major and reliable mechanical, graphite and refractory manufacturing companies. Honsin Industry enjoyed strong international success in the early development years and based on that success, have since become a part of the Honsin Group.

The Honsin Group is a joint venture company that combines a European quality standard along with talented engineers supported by a Chinese production infrastructure. Our group strictly applies to the international standard for each and every part of our product and we keep total control of the manufacturing process from the selection of raw material all the way through to our post sales services.

Quality is our obsession. We are continuously improving our processes to maintain the highest level of quality and reliability for our production and services. Our objective is to bring global purchasing synergy to our customers while strengthening quality and cost competitiveness.

We believe that we are only just beginning to reach our stride as an international company. We continue to develop new relationships with partners worldwide. Together we have enjoyed the success that comes with the growth and opportunity within these strategic partnerships. Our continued success has offered us the ability to develop a diverse and very talented team that will bring us far into the future.

As the Honsin Group’s business scope continues to broaden, we expect to bring even more shared opportunities to our customers while strengthening our company’s overall brand. We believe in what we do and we will continue to create value for our customers by bringing them cost effective and reliable, result oriented solutions.