Forged Mill Rolls


We develop Honsin Mill Rolls Solution to help our customers to have the best rolling experience. Our forged rolls are made from major forged steel with 2%/3%/5% Chrome content. The forged blank is ESR garde with forged ration superior than 3. Our products range covers forged work rolls, intermediate rolls and back up rolls. From raw material purchasing to final inspection, we provide to each customer the best rolls experience with adapted services and customized solution.

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Forged Working Rolls

Forged working rolls Forged steel working roll performs as a tool to transform materials  under normal room temperature. It is the most wear and tear spare parts during the rolling process. By using 2%Cr,3%Cr,5%Cr materials series, Honsin rolls s...
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Forged Intermediate Rolls

Forged intermediate rolls Forged steel intermediate roll applies to high precision 6-Hi(as well as a few 8 Hi) mills. its name is from the working location between working roll and back-up roll. The intermediate rolls are mainly used to control...
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Forged Back Up Rolls

Forged Back up rolls Forged steel back-up roll is mainly used in 4 Hi and 6 Hi mills.The diameter of roll barrel can be 350mm - 1600mm. The materials of back-up include 9Cr2Mo, 86CrMoV7, 70Cr3Mo and 45Cr5NiMoV. Hardness Curve of Back up...