Package Printing Rolls


Honsin Industry as a rolls research and production specialist offers a large range for carton packing, printing, plastics, leather and other related industries.

We have severed successfully both domestic and international customers and now becomes one of the leading suppliers in the industry.

Our customers can find in our products range : carbonized tungsten corrugated rolls, chrome plated corrugated rolls, ceramic anilox rolls, chrome anilox rolls, technical embossing rolls, leather coating rolls and other special rolls.

Products list:

  • Chrome plated corrugated roll
  • Carbonized tungsten corrugated roll
  • Ceramic anilox roll
  • Chrome plated anilox roll

Chrome plated corrugated roll

Employing advanced heat treatment and plating technology,as well as high quality 48CrMo alloy steel, we can offer a wide range of rolls featuring high precision, high hardness and long life.

Chrome plated corrugated roll

  • It adopts computer assistant design, and sets all items parameters scientifically, so it insures the quality specification economical, reliable and reasonable
  • It has big CNC planer type corrugated roll precision grinding machine group and kinds of precision grinding machine group, and they all work for corrugated roll
  • Computer control to grind the concave roll
  • 48CrMo alloy steel forge piece
  • Adopt Germany advanced process to quench in superficial intermediate frequency, hardened layer> 7 mm, hardness> HRC58-60 (HS73-80), the hardness uniform with no soft zone
  • We adopt the most advanced high-efficiency Atotech.Heef-25 micro-cracks functional chrome plating technology and equipment, to be more rigid, smoother, more light, more wear-resistant surface hard chrome plating, electroplating longer life than ordinary more than 25 percent
  • We provide repair service for old corrugated roll

Carbonized tungsten coating corrugated roll

Carbonized tungsten coating corrugated all

The excellent economy performance of Super anti-friction carbonized tungsten coating corrugated roll :

  • The hardness is only second to diamond excellent anti-friction performance.
  • The life is 3-5 times than chrome plated corrugated roll.
  • Decrease the change time and cost by 65-80 %( include the stop and change expenses)
  • Increase the times to repair, rather than replace it.
  • Reduce the expense in corrugating cardboard per square
  • Avoid current depreciation of related parts caused by concave abrasion (such as glue roll, doctor roll, pressure roll and so on)
  • The stable quality of corrugating cardboard
  • Because of the excellent anti-friction, the corrugation height abrasion is between 0.06-0.08mm once a time in use. Meanwhile, the corrugation pattern won’t distort after optimization, and the amount of glue won’t increase with the abrasion of corrugation top. So it avoids kinds of limitation of common cardboard, and insures uniform quality of corrugating cardboard.
  • Reduce the material consumption cost of corrugating cardboard

After optimization,

  • The super anti-friction carbonized tungsten coating corrugated roll can get the corrugation pattern of less paper consumption rate.
  • The less abrasion of corrugation height can decrease more than 1% paper consumption rate than chrome plated corrugated roll.
  • The less abrasion of corrugation top can make the paste consumption amount less and more stable, and reduce the paste consumption cost by 20-50%
  • Avoid the quality limitation of kinds of common cardboard, and decrease the wastage loss by 30-50%.

Ceramic anilox roll

Ceramic anilox roll

Honsin’s anti-friction ceramic anilox roller is the perfect product of modern high-tech. It meets the requirements of modern flexographic printing perfectly and embodies the image layer of full-tone, which makes the product more colorful, realistic and easier for color precision, wide-web and high-speed printing.


  • Longer life : The life of ceramic anilox roll is 10 times than chrome plated roll, and it’s good for doctor system,which can be printed, coating and oiling stable in a long time.
  • Uniform volume : The German laser engraving machine can provide us every perfect cell, and realize the stable quality of printing and coating.
  • Good ink transformation : Compared with the metal anilox roll, the ceramic anilox roll can realize better ink transformation for their cell shapes
  • Easy to clean : Because of its good shape, the ink can get through easily, so it’s easily to clean
  • Costs saving : Because of the extension of life, the roll can reduce the times to replace, the stop and store times.

Production capabilities: 

  • Adaptation of the plasma spray system for highest performance ceramic coating
  • Strict coating material selection process
  • Advanced technology of higher precision grinding
  • High-power single Mode Ytterbium Fiber Lasers engraving system from Germany


Screens: 100-1500Lpi
Shape: hexagon, diamond, and special design
Dia:Ί50-800mm Length:100-6000mm
Dynamic balance: G2.5Level

Chrome plated anilox roll

Chrome plated anilox roll

Metal anilox roll 

Screens 165-300Lpi
Cell shapeHexagon、Pyramid、Dot
Model Ί50-800mm, L100-6000mm
T.I.R ≀0.02mm

Glue roll, transmitting anilox roll

Line Number8-80Lpi
Net Pit Pyramid、Diamond
Model Ί50-800mm, L100-6000mm
T.I.R ≀0.02mm
Balancing G2.5level

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