Casting Consumables


<!--:en-->Copper Mould - Tube & Plate<!--:-->

Copper Mould - Tube & Plate

Copper mould tube Copper mould is placed in the heart position of continuous casting machine, its function is to solidify the liquid steel pouring through the submerged entry nozzle, and guarantees required billet, bloom, and slab with enough thick...
<!--:en-->Foundry Sand - Ceramsite<!--:-->

Foundry Sand - Ceramsite

Bauxitic Casting Pearls  (also called ‘Ceramsite’ ) are innovative spherical casting sand developed in the Far East initially for the discerning Japanese markets. With the excellent casting property feedback and lower price. Ceramsite has already conquere...
<!--:en-->Cored Wire<!--:-->

Cored Wire

Cored wire Cored wire provides the highest recovery rate, and increases productivity in the secondary metallurgical process. We have wire that improves core consistency which provides an accurate core to steel percentage. The ratio of core to steel...