Ladle Refractory


Refractory products for Ladle application


<!--:en-->Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick<!--:-->

Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick

Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick / Alumina Magnesia Carbon Brick / Magnesia Calcium Brick Magnesia alumina carbon bricks  with high grade magnesite, corundum, spinel and graphite as raw materials, bonded by resin, are characterized by good slag resistance, ...
<!--:en-->Magnesia Carbon Brick for Ladle<!--:-->

Magnesia Carbon Brick for Ladle

Magnesia carbon brick with fused magnesite, high purity magnesite and graphite as raw materials, pressed at high pressure and treated at low temperature, this product characterized by high strength, erosion and spalling resistance.  It is mainly u...
<!--:en-->Magnesia Chrome Bricks<!--:-->

Magnesia Chrome Bricks

Honsin series of magnesia-chrome bricks are composite basic refractory products, made by magnesite and chromite which are burned at high temperature or ultra-high temperature. The products show the features of excellent resistance against slag, high...
<!--:en-->Ladle Castables<!--:-->

Ladle Castables

Ladle castables  are produced from corundum aluminum magnesia spinel and fused magnesite. Honsin Group develops the micro-power technology and additive agent for a high performance quality, which is characterized by : good construction function ...
<!--:en-->Ladle Gunning Mix<!--:-->

Ladle Gunning Mix

Ladle gunning mixer with high grade magnesia, spinel, special binder and additive. It is characterized by good adhesion, high bonding strength, low rebound rate, easy sintering, good corrosion and erosion resistance. This product is ideal material...
<!--:en-->Self-flow Castables<!--:-->

Self-flow Castables

Self-flow castables (SFC) is a innovative castable. It can be applied in all areas where applications require low cement, ultra-low cement and non-cement castables. Both mullite based Self-flow castables and alumina-based ones can be applied for the ...
<!--:en-->Lower Nozzle and Upper Nozzle<!--:-->

Lower Nozzle and Upper Nozzle

Lower Nozzle Honsin series of lower nozzles for ladle are made from corundum, bauxite, flake graphite, antioxidant and phenolic resin.They are characterized by excellent thermal shock resistance, stable performance, good excellent corrosion and e...
<!--:en-->Ladle Nozzle Well Block<!--:-->

Ladle Nozzle Well Block

Honsin series of well blocks for nozzles are made from high-purity, high-density, high-strength materials. They show the features of stable structure, excellent thermal shock resistance, good corrosion/erosion resistance and long service life Typical...
<!--:en-->Ladle Slide Plates<!--:-->

Ladle Slide Plates

The Alumina-carbon slide plates show the feature of lower percentage of carbon content, which will avoid the working surface of slide plates from being greatly roughened. They are suitable to both low-carbon and super-low-carbon steel grades. Honsin ...
<!--:en-->Ladle Purging Plugs<!--:-->

Ladle Purging Plugs

HST series of purging plugs Made from high-purity, high-density, high-strength corundum based materials and matrix-adjusted system(MAS), HST series of purging plugs, with the unique radiated through-slots structure, show the features of stable...