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<!--:en-->Casting Mill Rolls<!--:-->

Casting Mill Rolls

We develop Honsin Mill Rolls Solution to help our customer to have the best rolling experience. We believe a single roll quality may not always be suitable for all stands in a rolling mill. We can help in designing and using the best and most suitable ...
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Forged Mill Rolls

We develop Honsin Mill Rolls Solution to help our customers to have the best rolling experience. Our forged rolls are made from major forged steel with 2%/3%/5% Chrome content. The forged blank is ESR garde with forged ration superior than 3. Our products...
<!--:en-->Tungsten Carbide Roller<!--:-->

Tungsten Carbide Roller

Cemented carbide roll ring, also known as Tungsten carbide roll ring, possesses very good thermal conductivity property. Under the condition of high temperature, compared to other materials, the hardness keeps stable and it provides much better heat resistance,...
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Ceramic Rolls for furnace

Ceramic Rolls for high temperature furnace  Other ceramic rolls are available with the materials below : Honsin Ceramic Roll® Series- Fused Silica  Ceramic Roller (Presentation below) Honsin Ceramic Roll® Series- Alumina Ceramic Roller (con...
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Furnace Roll

Furnace Rolls Furnace rolls convey steel sheet in high-temperature environment. These rolls are designed and built to be used inside the furnace. Honsin standard Furnace rolls are designed to have excellent heat, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant ...
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Package Printing Rolls

Honsin Industry as a rolls research and production specialist offers a large range for carton packing, printing, plastics, leather and other related industries. We have severed successfully both domestic and international customers and now becomes one...