Graphite Products


<!--:en-->Graphite Electrode<!--:-->

Graphite Electrode

Continuous development in Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) & Ladle Technology has led to the need of Graphite Electrodes of very stringent quality. The common requirements remain better consumption norms and least electro mechanical problems. From Reg...
<!--:en-->Graphite Crucible<!--:-->

Graphite Crucible

Honsin Industry Graphite Crucibles Solution: The crucible is a utensil or melting tank vessels that is made of refractory material (such as clay, graphite, clay, quartz or difficult molten metal iron, etc.). Honsin Industry is specialized in high...
<!--:en-->Isostatic Graphite Blocks & Rounds<!--:-->

Isostatic Graphite Blocks & Rounds

Formed by means of CIP (cold isostatic pressing) technique, isostatic graphite is characterized by its homogeneous structure and excellent isotropic electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. Sometimes it is purified in special-designed graphitization...
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Specialty Graphites

Graphite has the properties of electric and thermal conduction which belongs to metallic material. But also it has plasticity, thermal resistance, chemical stability and lubricating ability. These properties make Graphite material able to satisfy very...