Ladle Purging Plugs


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HST series of purging plugs

Made from high-purity, high-density, high-strength corundum based materials and matrix-adjusted system(MAS), HST series of purging plugs, with the unique radiated through-slots structure, show the features of stable structure, high and adjustable gas-flow, high purging rate, good corrosion/erosion resistance and long service life etc.

HS ‘Ceram’ series of purging plugs

Made from high-technology ceramic and high-performance castables and with the traditional through-slots as gas channel, HS ‘Ceram’ series of purging plugs, as new generation of ceramic-clad purging plugs, not only succeed the advantages of HS series of purging plugs, but also show higher purging rate as result of adopting high-temperature ceramic as gas channel.

Typical product characteristics tables :

HST series of purging plugs
Al2O3 + Cr2O3 % Min.949392
Al2O3 + Cr2O3 % Min.92
Bulk Density g/cm3 1500℃x3h Min.
Cold Crushing Strength MPa 1500℃x3h Min.808010080
Modulus of rupture MPa   1500℃x3h Min.12152018

HS ‘Ceram’ series of purging plugs

Al2O3 + MgO + ZrO2 % Min.999898
Bulk Density   g/cm3 1750℃x3h Min.3.303.003.40
Apparent Porosity  %  1750℃x3h Max.101510