Magnesia Chrome Bricks


Low Carbon Brick and Carbon-free Brick

Honsin series of magnesia-chrome bricks are composite basic refractory products, made by magnesite and chromite which are burned at high temperature or ultra-high temperature. The products show the features of excellent resistance against slag, high fired strength, good erosion resistance and thermal shock resistance. They can be applied in AOD/VOD refining furnace, DH/RH degassing device, and lining of nonferrous metal converter.

Typical product characteristics tables :

Direct-Bonded Magnesiate-Chrome Bricks
MgO   %  Min.80757474666660605858
Cr2O3 %  Min.4688121216161818
SiO2% Max.
Apparent Porosity % Max.18181818181818181818
Cold Crushing Strength MPa Min.40404035403540354035
Refractoriness under Load ℃ Min.1600160016001600160016001600160016001600

Semi-Rebonded MgO-Cr2O3 brick

Rebonded MgO-Cr2O3 brick

MgO % Min.60605555656060605250
Cr2O3% Min.16162020161620202224
SiO2% Max.
Apparent Porosity % Max.17171717161616161616
Cold Crushing Strength MPa Min.40354035454045404545
Refractoriness under Load ℃ Min.1750170017501700175017001750170017501750