Forged Working Rolls


Forged working rolls


Forged steel working roll performs as a tool to transform materials  under normal room temperature. It is the most wear and tear spare parts during the rolling process. By using 2%Cr,3%Cr,5%Cr materials series, Honsin rolls solution provides different rolls properties to meet customers requirements.

Harndess Curve of Work Roll

Harndess Curve of Work Roll

Physical properties

Symbol Hardness Hardness Uniformity Depth of hardness Size
9Cr2Mo 85-102 HSD 3HSD 8~15mm ¢200-600mm
MC3 85-102HSD 3HSD 15-30mm ¢200-1000mm
MC5 85-102HSD 3HSD 20-40mm ¢300-1000mm


Symbol Type of material Application for cold mills
9Cr2Mo 2%Cr Work rolls for general 4 HI mill
MC3 3% Cr Work rolls and intermediate rolls for reverse cold mills.
MC5 5% Cr Work rolls for tandem mill and skin pass mill

Other dimensions or materials requirements can be produced under customers requirements.